Friday, April 22, 2011


hmm , 1st skali , korang penah x dga lagu 'zero gravity by david archuleta' ?
klau x , try la dga .
back to my story , td saje check fb dye , then dye x hide photo2 .
so , just checking :P
fyi , i didn't add him :/
and kebetulan plak , tga bkak lagu tu , ade la satu ayat tu , 'You make it so easy to just drift away , I can't imagine being without you' . and u know what , suddenly i'm crying ;(
maybe sbb bile tgok photo2 dye , i feel like , i miss him too much ~
yahh , i know it just like MENGGEDIK but , i just ckp bende yg btol je :/
he doesn't know what i feel . maybe he just thinking that i like or love him cam biase je , but , i know what i'm feel right now :(