Wednesday, November 30, 2011


my last post was on 8th August :0
too long since i been here !
well , just to let you know , i'm okay here .
better without you .
and guess what ? ;>
i still alive , i can breathe and last one thing , i got someone better than you , heartless .
honestly , i love him more than i love you last couple of months .
even we just know each other for about 2-3months ~
i can feel something just like i felt on you .
4years and 8months ! tak cukup lama yaa ?
sorry to say , i gave up over you .
and this is the time , to open my eyes , who deserves me .
and who doesnt .
yes , he's not my first one but i hope , he would be my last one :')
dear my first love , i wish the best for you .
thanks for those feelings .
you teached me what is love , what is pain and else .
you mean a lot to me .
tapi dulu la :)
bye E :(
hye QC :)